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Primo Glass Table

Primo Glass Table

  • Stunning Primo Glass Table shown in black
  • Primo-Gloss-Glass-Table
  • Primo Glass Table
  • Custom White Boat Conference Table


The Primo Glass Table is one of our favorite tables to sell. What makes this table stand out is the quality, timelessness of design, expediency in production time and immaculate installations.

Price Point $$$-$$$$ in Glass, $$$ in wood veneer.  Figure approximately $1,039 per linear foot in a rectangular glass top before adding power and data or upgrades. Figure approximately $789 per linear foot in rectangular wood veneer top before adding power and data or upgrades.  Figure approximately $749 per linear foot in lamiante.

Glass offers a superior writing surface with longevity. Glossy glass offers a pristine stunning look with the added bonus of being able to collaborate and write on the glass top in any pen including a shape. Glass is not limited to white. There are off white shades, browns and a beautiful black glass in the standard color selection.

Satin glass is a totally different looking product offering the same superb writing surface with a silky smooth feel and stunning subtlety with the same longevity for repeated use. Satin glass is perfect when you have highly reflective windows and lighting. The satin finish cuts all glare. Additionally the satin finish hides finger prints. The satin glass does not allow you to write directly on the surface which you can do on the standard glossy glass finish.

The glass is back painted with specialized industrial paint that is incrediably durable. The back painted glass achieves the color. Custom colors offered for example if you have a favorite Benjamin Moore Paint color we will match that. The premium low iron glass is true and clear which maintains the actual color without any green tinting. The polished edges add the perfect finish to this premium top.

Top Options, shapes, sizes and colors: The Primo Table selection is vast offering tops in laminate, wood veneer, plank wood veneer, glass and stone. Shapes are offered in round, square, rectangular, boat, Video Conference V and custom. Finishes colors offers the most current color palette for modern offices, home offices and beyond.

Technology is state of the art with many styles and sizes of  power and data boxes avaialble. The Primo Glass Table has been specially engineered to seamlessly concealed , run and hide wires and cabling within the table’s structure.  Design options are numerous in styling the look of you power and data doors including choice of bezel metals. Superb build and craftsmanship guarantee a perfectly balanced and leveled glass writing plane over contract quality subtop and supporting base legs.

The base legs are designed to expand as needed to cover floor cores and extra capacity cables.

The design, color options and top shapes are cutting edge and deliver a timelessness that exudes quality and integrity.

Table Top Shapes are offered in standard shapes including rectangular, boat and elliptical shapes. Custom top shapes are offered.

Timely delivery: 5-6 weeks is the standard lead-time plus transit. This is about 2 -6 weeks faster than other glass tables on the market.

Example of standard sizes:  96″ x 36″ seats 8, 120″x 48″ seats 10, 144″ x 48″ seats 12 …and  on up to 25′. Depths are standard at 48″, 54″ 60″.  Larger and custom depths available. Custom size offered. Narrow tables are offered but can be more tricky to balance out kneespace with the base design.

Consider that you will have chairs wrapped around your table which means the look, touch and feel of the glass top and power and data will be the true focus of your conference room table. The Primo Glass Table delivers a pristine top writing surface with true and clear colors. Polished glass edges sit on top of a modern tapered edge subtop which firmly supports the glass. The power and data offer you the ability to match with glass doors, metal doors, wood doors in choice of metal bezel colors including  chrome. The table bases offer full accessibility for IT to easily change out power and data jacks for future upgrades.

Base styles shown and most commonly ordered is the painted base leg. Alternatively the wood veneer base leg is very handsome. Looking for a metal base? We offer an open metal base painted or chromed finished shown here under Glass Spartan Table.

Beyond Glass the Primo Glass Table is offered in wood veneer, premium wood veneer, laminate and stone.

The installed product is impressive and ready to go in about 6 weeks.

Matching credenzas are offered in low contemporary heights up to 36″ buffet height credenzas.

Contact Mar 818 478-1444 [email protected] to discuss your needs which includes finding the right tables size and fit for you room. We’ll go over all the base style options beyond what is shown on this page.  Be sure we have your full contact information for serious quotes.