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Primo Glass Table

  • Primo Glass Table
  • Primo Glass Table
  • Primo Glass Table

Product Description

The Primo Glass Table features a top in one section at 96″ L and two pieces starting at 120″L. Glass tops are 1 1/4″ thick Back Painted True Clear Glass on a subtop. Glossy glass is standard and allows you to write on the top like you would a wall mounted glass boards. A Satin Glass option upgrade produces a silky smooth to the touch writing surface that hides finger prints and cuts all glare. This option is perfect for tables near bright light sources. 

The Primo Table Structure includes a fully integrated trough which completely conceals all cables while allowing wires to run down the leg interior to the floor power source. This table collection is impeccable and reliable. When choosing a glass table it’s imperative that you have a quality subtop and base that is level for the glass to sit flat. We have seen lesser tables in which the glass top did not lay flat on the table  due to a inferior design and overall structure.  Glass is a durable and highly sought after writing surface. We are proud to offer this collection for your consideration. Quality tables  are an investment that will last for 10-15 years and beyond.

Table Top Shapes offered  are:  rectangular, boat and elliptical shapes.

The Boat Shaped Table is a perfect shape for sight line vision– everyone sitting around the table has a straight unobstructed view of the heads of the table.  Back painted  glasses is a  premium material costing significantly more that traditional wood veneer tops.. If you are on a tight budget and want a white table consider white matte laminate as great way to go for a durable surface.

Example of standard sizes:  96″ x 36″ or x 48″, 120″ x 48″, 144″ x 48″ on up to 25′. Depths are standard at 48″, 54″ 60″. Larger and custom depths available. Custom size offered.

Lead-times for custom built tables range from a standard 6-8 week lead-time.

Contact Mar to discuss custom options to meet your needs. 310 213-9551. Be sure we have your full contact information for serious quotes.