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Black Mobile Glass Boards

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Black Mobile Glass Boards

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Black Mobile Glass Boards are the premium top of the line product.  These boards come in any color including custom graphics and more!

New board sizes also available- contact us for more options.

Attention to detail and design set this board above all others. When Google, Facebook, and other major corproations review all the options lined up side by side this board wins everytime. The boards are double sided. You can order two different colors. There are 150 standard colors to choose from. If you need a custom color match that is possible. Custom full board graphics and logos are also beautifully executed. Trick glass board accessories are offered. The boards are offered in magnetic and non-magnetic options. The boards weigh about 100 lbs on casters. Choose your metal frame color, your caster color and your glass color. One size offered as shown at 70″h x 40″ w. The Black Mobile Glass Boards are on about a about 4 week lead-time. Contact us for options and pricing. These are great for creating private write on partitions in open floor plan offices. Any standard marker works. For the black and dark color glass you’ll want to use liquid chalk markers. The liquid chalk markers are like paint pens, you shake them and they produce vivid colors on the dark glass. Easy to clean with windex. The mobile boards are great for home offices as well.