Glass Tables 101 – Not all Glass is Equal

Glass Top Tables offer a modern aesthetic like no other top. Glass is a premium product at a price point just under Stone Tables. If you are on a tight budget glass may not be the best option. Wood veneer and new tech laminates will offer you the modern image in a lower price point.

Glass comes in a wide variety of grades and clarity. When you see a pure white top that represents a Low Iron true clear glass with either a back painted surface or inter layered surface. True Clear glass shows no green tint. Clear Glass with a green tint is cheapest starting price for glass. The green tint glass is a thing of past in today’s executive world. Non- Low Iron Glass is not commonly used in highend modern tables. Most glass is tempered. Glossy glass table tops allow you to write on the surface like you would a wall mounted glassboard. This includes Sharpies and paint pens which clean with window cleaner. The ability to write on the surface is perfect for collaborative and creative meetings.


Satin Glass

Glass is offered in a satin finish which cuts glare and hides finger prints. Satin Glass can be a translucent glass or opaque back painted glass.  You can not write on satin glass.

Clear Glass

Most clear glass tables are offered in smaller sizes up to 96”. Most clear tables do not offer power and data.

Back Painted Glass Colors

Anything that can be printed can be applied to the backside of the glass. This opens up a wide array of possibilities for adding your own graphics and artwork.  Custom color match is achieved by matching to a pantone color or paint manufacturer’s color like Benjamin Moore Paints.  If you can imagine it we can build it. We may not have photos of all the possibilities but will provide you with shop drawings and help you with color selection.

Glass Table Structure

Not all glass tables are equal. Lower priced glass tables may be appealing but may not serve your needs as quality and engineering are most often overlooked which can lead to functional problems including glass not laying flat on the table structure. Quality Glass Tables are built soundly and install properly with the quality you expect in an investment of a glass table.

Glass Table Base Styles

A metal base cost more than a wood veneer, laminate or painted base. Metal is at a premium. Subtop top styles typically include a knife edge painted surface. Premium subtops include added metal detailing.

Ultra Premium Glass Table Base Styles are offered. One features a thin metal subtop which makes the glass to appear to float with the thinnest profile offered. The metal subtop also adds a finishing touch of adding a metal edge to the glass top. Shown here:

A second table option we offer adds a metal layer between the subtop and the glass top. This provides a visually stunning edge while offering a metal bumper guard to the glass top edge.

Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are offered in a wide range of shapes including round, trapezoid, hexagon, square, rectangular, soft rectangular, arched rectangular, boat, oval, elliptical and custom shapes. Most tables larger than eight feet will have a seam and will be installed in pieces. This is a standard which is based on material and size availability.

Glass Tables with Added Power and Data

Not all glass tables are offered with power and data. Premium Glass Tables offer a wide range of Power and data options from small to medium and larger power troughs.  Power can be fully loaded per your IT’s specs including HDMI, VGA, mics, USB C charging, etc. Most power and data units provide blank plates which allow your IT to populate their own universal jacks and cable connectors. Under the worksurface power and data options offer a light source for power and USB charging. Tables will have wire management built into the table to handle the wires.

Wires will travel down the interior of base legs depending on the style and size. Some table legs without hollow interiors may require an additional Conduit which conceals the wires or a center base column.

Table size dictates the number of base legs. Not all tables will have a center base to pass wires down to a centered floor core. If you are planning a conference room table contact us to help you get the right measurements for the perfect floor core placement with the table size you are ordering. 818 478-1444 ask for Mar.

Glass Table Lead Times:  Due to the wide range of glass options tables are built to order. Expect a standard 6-8 week lead-time up to 12-13 weeks depending on the level of design of the base. Quality Quick ship glass tables are not readily available.

If you are shopping for a beautiful glass statement conference table we will work with you to deliver a table that meets and beats your expectations in design, quality, technology and service. Contact Mar Doré MFA 818 478-1444.