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Glass Spartan Table

Glass Spartan Table

  • Stunning executive glass chrome leg conference table for offices and home residential dinning
  • Stunning executive glass chrome leg conference table for offices and home residential dinning
  • Glass-Spartan-Chrome-Leg
  • Marble Spartan Table
  • Elegant chrome Glass Spartan Table for modern office and homes


The Glass Spartan Table is a fabulous modern conference table featuring a thick chrome metal leg base. If you don’t care for chrome this handsome base is offered in a variety of painted and metalic paint colors.  The Glass Spartan Table offers a wide choice of surface materials including; Glossy Glass, Satin Glass, Stone, wood premium wood, plank veneered wood and laminate.

Glossy vs Satin Glass: To finger print or Not? That is the question. Glossy Glass offers the same properties as a wall mounted glass board. You can write on them with markers even Sharpies and wipe clean with window cleaner. The glossy glass is reflected and will show finger smudges. Satin Glass is silky smooth to the touch and does not show finger prints. You can not write on the satin glass like you can with the glossy. The satin top option is ideal for reflective rooms, lights and windows. Both are handsomely modern and contemporary offering a super writing surface. You can go wrong with glass!

The Glass Table is available with power and data units. Tops are offered in a variety of shapes.

Adding power and data is easy with a wide range of sizes of power and data units and styles to choose from. IT will love this table. We’ll get you dialed in to exactly what you need to make your room standout and leave memorable impressions. To hide wires from he table to the floor a center column can be added to cover the floor core or if you have minimal wires they travel down the outside of the leg. Other base options include closed bases to conceal power and data. Contact us to fully discuss all the options.

Sizes  start at 84″ x 48″ up to 240″ in about 6″ increments.
Rounds 42″-60″ in 6″ increments. Squares 42, 48 54 and 60,

This Classic Glass Spartan Table collection is on about a 6-8 week standard lead-time plus shipping.

Contact Mar to discuss custom options to meet your needs. 310 213-9551. [email protected]. Be sure we have your full contact information for serious quotes or hit the quote request button up top.