Ambience Doré

"A developed instinct for unparalleled value, an uncompromising need for maximum efficiency, a profound attraction to beauty, an eye for fashion and informed, impeccable taste--these are the criterion that distinguish a client of Ambience Doré."

Fash-Art Fusion and fine art furniture have arrived. Welcome to the new, totally creative and functionally integrated workplace. Work is now the place where we spend the major portion of our lives. We are hard-wired into a technology that makes our environment creatively challenging and increasingly complex. Work culture is continually evolving. Business and home life have merged. We need to keep it exciting, healthy, beautiful and inspired. New designers and innovative manufacturers are catching on to the importance of beauty and fashion as well as functionality and ergonomic comfort in furniture. They are responding to the current demand for the application of fine art standards to functional design. They are designing new product lines that concatenate all of these needs.

Ambience Doré is sourcing the finest and most beautiful of these products on a global scale. We're excited about what we've found and we will continue to use all of our resources to research, explore and present the very best and the very latest of our discoveries in home and workspace innovations to you. Use our site as your research facility and avoid wasted hours surfing the net. You may find something you never expected to see and absolutely must have in the new fusion of fashion, art, and art furniture.

Ambience Doré is based in Burbank, CA and serves offices and residences globally and nationwide. Ambience Doré, Inc is a woman-owned business with an international reputation for superior service and unusual and extraordinarily beautiful, cutting edge product lines.

Instant access, efficiency, ease of use, maximum comfort, elegance and beauty--all require a carefully calibrated balance between interactivity, immediacy and privacy. An efficient and esthetic workspace demands an uber-modern blueprint that fully addresses these multiple concerns. Ambience Doré will customize this personal blueprint--just for you.