Mobile Pull Apart Wood Tables

Mobile Tables Morph New Space Endlessly

August 16, 2016

Independent Mobile Flex-Tables Mobile independent flex-tables have endless possibilities. With Independent tables you can reinvent your space many times over.  It’s a table option that has been  under-appreciated but at present it’s zooming in on everyone’s radar. Independent flex-tables not only provide superb conference, board room and meeting table options but they work beautifully as…

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Orange Office

Orange Alert • Orange Alert • Orange Alert • Orange Alert -Orange Alert

July 27, 2016

The European Design Market issues a fashion wake-up call for the color orange! “There is no blue without yellow and without orange” Vincent Van Gogh Orange is red brought closer to humanity by yellow” Wassily Kandinski Orange stimulates activity and appetite. It encourages socialization and intellectual discourse. it is a vital, joyous color that projects…

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The New Black

July 7, 2016

Black is Back and Black is the New Black. The New Black is geometric. It is rectangular. It is oval. Or it is cubic. It is a chair and a table–or It can be a credenza. The New Black is hanging on the wall. It is good with red and great with gold.  It intensifies…

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Seeing Red

June 27, 2016

June is the time of year when all corporate manufacturers release their new products. What we are seeing this year is Red! Bold, vibrant red!  Red for seating. Red contrasting dramatically with white for tables and modern chairs combined. Lounge chairs and modern conference chairs are sporting the very brightest of cadmium reds married with…

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