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Spectacular Chrome table

  • Spectacular Chrome table
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Product Description

Spectacular Chrome table is shown in large table of 14′. The Spectacular Chrome Table features a three chrome  X base offered in fine wood veneers of oak, walnut and zebrano. For those demanding the most exquisite wood tables are offered in solid woods typically 4 -5 times the price of the wood veneer. The Spectacular Chrome table features three chrome base legs shown in the mirror finish. Painted finishes offered include black grey and white. The three base leg models START at 120″ x 45″ and no smaller due to knee space requirements. If you are looking for a 96″ or 84″ table the leg base style changes to a V or Crossed X base. Everything else is the same. Thin wood veneer tops in modern shapes offered: rectangular, modern boat and oval. Matching meeting tables offered in rounds and squares from 36″ up to 60″. Power and data offered. The power and data do not hide in the legs. The wires pass down the exterior of one leg.  These  stunning tables on about an 9-10 week plus lead-time. Tables are built to order. It’s worth waiting for the best quality and design. Contact us for full information and to go over options. This is an appropriate table for any part of the office. Works well in residential and loft applications. If you need help planning your room checkout the  link to our Conference Room Planning Guide which addresses sizes, walk ways and room sizes.