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Orange Pop Leather Table

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Orange Pop Leather Table



The Orange Pop Leather Table is an exciting way to energize a room with the luxury of hand stitched leather. This futuristic table design  features an anodized aluminum prism base. The top is shown in leather. Leather colors are offer include: Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Brown, Gray, Silver, Gray, Tan and custom additional colors possible!

The Orange Pop Leather Table is perfect for power and data units. The unique Prism Base hides all cables and wires running from the table to your floor core. IT will love this table.

This beauty is hand built on about a 9 plus week lead-time and well worth the wait for a piece that is truly unique.

The table top is offered in a variety of textures from melamine/ laminates, glass glossy and satin to leather and porcelain tile.  Many executives use this table as an executive table desk.

Contemporary matching storage credenzas, display shelves and walls offered. Acrylic storage fronts available in wide range of colors including orange, blue, white, black, grey, etc…

Contact us for a quote. Be sure to let us know what approximate size you want or how many you want to seat around your table.