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Golden Triad Table

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Golden Triad Table



The Golden Triad Table is a new design that blends in to non traditional meeting spaces.

The Golden Triad Table is great for collaborations offering ample space for full power and data connectivity of any and all kinds.

The table base stands apart from other tables. The top is shown in wood veneer. You choose custom edges to create your unique look. The base is offered in different paint colors. Tops are offered in different shapes and almost any size. Tops are offered in laminate, wood veneer, solid surface, glass and man made stone.

Lead-time is about 6 weeks. We deliver and install nationwide.

The custom order process starts with a quick phone consultation which helps us to determine the size, shape, material and power and data requirements to start the quote.

We offer a conference room planning guide to help you if you need to figure out the table size in relation to room size.visit our  conference room planning guide. 

Contact Mar to start a quote. 310 213-9551 [email protected].