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White Marble Rectangular Table

White Marble Rectangular Table

  • White Marble Rectangular Table
  • Carrara Stone Top Table with wood base leg
  • White Marble Rectangular Table
  • Custom-Stone-Top-Conference-Table
  • Stop-Top-Profile


This White Marble Rectangular Table is a luxury stone table built in the USA. This table features pristine clean lines with  state of the art  IT  power and data integrated and fully concealed within the table design. Reliable quality ensures a smooth installation.

PRICE POINT: $$$-$$$$ Approximate price per linear foot $1,489 in standard rectangular sizes before adding upgrades and power and data. Boat Shaped tables and extra wide tables run a bit more. For an accurate quote fill out the quote request form or contact [email protected] 818 478-1444.

The stone options are Carrara Marble and Black Absolute Granite. Solid surface options are man made stone which offers the same durability look and feel of natural stone. Carrara Marble and Black Absolute Granite are considered starting level natural stone. Stone is a very hard writing surface and will last 15 years and beyond.

The White Marble Rectangular Table offers one of the best starting price points for stone on shorter production lead-times of about 6 weeks plus transit. This table is about 6-8 week faster than other stone table collections. When you veiw stone tables online and see heavily veined tables you are looking mostly likely at man made stone (Cambria) or natural stone which run considerably more than the Carrara Marble or Black Granite. This table can be ordered as a base for your own stone top.  Ordering tables bases for COM Stone can be problematic and you would best served to look at our tables in which one manufacturer handles the stone and base all in house which guarantees utmost control over quality in production.

If you are looking for a Stone Conference Table you know that you are looking for top quality materials and build. Stone tables are among the top tier pricing in terms of conference tables. You probably know that you will pay a significant price for these lovely stone tops. You expect top quality and a solid foundation to last many years while remaining relevant in design withstanding current fads or design trends.

When you are designing your conference room and executive board room your chairs will wrap fully around the table and mostly conceal the legs. The focus of your conference table is the top writing surface, edge, and power and data ports. The tactile feel and weight of the stone play an important role in balancing the elements of your room. In fung shui stone provides a balancing element.

The Table Base and Structure of this table offer a straight forward clean design line of an expandable rectangular  base. The feature of the expandable base is it can offer you a bit more wiggle room to cover floor cores. IT will appreciate the ability to run small and larger amounts of cables fully concealed within the table down the expandable base leg to the floor. The table’s subtpop features a tapered painted edge. The subtop is not necessarily scene but is the foundation of this durable long lasting table design. The rectangular base legs are offered painted in various standard colors or in wood veneer.

The Stone Top Table is offered in rectangular, boat and Video Conference Wedge shaped. Custom Tops quoted upon request.

The power and data choices range from small power and data boxes, to medium and large ports. 

You may want to consider standard table sizes which run 96″ x 36″ or 96″ x 48″ seating 8, 120″ x 48″, 54 or 60 which will seat 10. The 144″ x 48″ will seat 12… Tables offered in large sizes up to 25′. There are other standard sizes in between. We offer a Conference Room Planning Guide to help you quickly look up the size of you room and see what table sizes are recommended.  Contact us for further information and pricing.

We have a wonderful collection of matching credenzas from low contemporary styles, to table height 30″ and buffets height 36″h in all lengths.

We will quickly quote your table fully loaded with the power and data you desire. Just contact us at 818 478-1444 or  [email protected]. We will work with you to make sure you have the right size table for your room and to fit and meet your seating expectations. For quick accurate quotes we can advise the best size and width with a quick phone call or email. Be sure we have your full contact information for serious quotes or hit the quote request button up top.