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Contemporary Black Stone Table

Contemporary Black Stone Table

  • Extraordinary Contemporary Black Stone Table
  • Custom Contemporary Black Stone Table Rectangular


The Contemporary Black Stone Table is built to order in the size and shape you desire in the stone color you want. We’ll add power and data per IT’s specification.

Stone is a fantastic writing surface lasting years. Stone represents the top tier pricing for tables with perhaps higher install cost but for longevity you are purchasing for the next 20 years.  Each top is unique. Man made stone and quartz and solid surface tops offered. This table can be be done in glass, wood veneer, laminate and any combination.

We offer a planning guide for choosing the right size table to fit your space:  conference room planning guide. 

Stone tables are the most expensive on the market. Many clients experience a bit of sticker shock when requesting stone table quotes.

Work with standard sizes to accommodate the right amount of chairs per linear foot. The most standard sizes are 120 x 48″ and 144″ x 48″. We offered wider tables and many custom options including round and square tables.

Buying conference tables is an investment.

A quick summary of stone: Starting prices are for natural carrara marble (not veined but more of a marble look) and black Granite (extremely hard surface provides an excellent writing surface). Up from here the prices jump significantly to beautiful quartz and engineered stone. The next significant jump from Quartz is to natural stone which is market price based on slabs available. Many slabs may be required to make 1 table which drives the over price to top tier pricing.

When requesting a quote on this table collection we prefer to speak with you directly in person to discuss options and get the right size quoted. Be sure to include the size you are looking and budget range!

We work with you as your pro-advocate as a design professional like a personal shopper. There is a great variety of conference tables and chairs in all price points. We concentrate on the moderate to executive high end custom tables.  We believe our selection of high quality tables far surpass the economy market. We can assist more effectively if you give us guide lines on size, budget range you are looking in. This saves you time and money by narrowing down the tables to realistic expectations. We want to partner with you on creating the most powerful statement conference room.

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