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Stellar Grand Table

Stellar Grand Table

  • Stellar Grand Table
  • Custom Stellar Grand Table
  • White Stellar Grand Table
  • Stellar Grand Swerve Table


There are so many options with the Stellar Grand Table! The Stellar Grand Table is a highly innovative line custom built to order in many forms, shapes, colors and textures. This table has such handsome open metal legs. Be sure to check out all the photos in the gallery to see the many options. The legs are shown inset to allow for kneespace maximization. You’ll see tables configured as desks where the legs are flush with the ends. The metal base is offered in a clear metal finish or powder coated paint colors. Tops offered in laminate or glass.  The Stellar Grand Table is Tech Savvy. Power and data is easily integrated. Note when ordering modern table with open bases you’ll get a cable conduit or sometimes referred to as an elephant’s trunk which wraps around cables and runs from the table down to the floor.

The Stellar Grand Table is constructed of durable laminate or 3d laminate top. The 3d laminate top is quickly gaining popularity replacing wood veneer which is a much softer material that wears over time. The 3d laminates are micro textured to mimic real wood. The durability of laminate means you don’t have to worry about water stains, pen marks, spills, scrapes and more.

This Stellar Grand Table is part of a collection offering conference tables, long boardroom tables and smaller tables used as table desks for private offices. We have plenty of matching storage credenzas and book cases to match. Contact us to start your quote. Shop drawings and finish samples provided as part of the order process. Lead-time once order is placed is about 6 weeks plus transit. We deliver and install nationwide.