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Modern Conference Table

Modern Conference Table

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Our Modern Conference Table Installation at the Paley Media Center in NYC

The Modern Conference Table is installed at the Paley Media Center in New York City. This was a project that took a team of architects working with the end user to realize their vision. Read about the project here.

Custom Table Aesthetics:

The client wanted a mobile table that was mobile so they could repurpose the room for events. The Table had to be Board Room Executive Quality. The asethic was not to look like mobile tables but one large oval table at 42′ in length. Each table is loaded with power and data that is daisy chained meaning that when you reconfigure the tables the power and data plug into a continuous line.

The table was 42′ in length x 15′ tapering to 36″.  The Modern Conference Table shown is composed of  22 individual free standing pull apart tables. A partial front modesty panel adds to the overall design.

Premium wood veneer was custom color matched per the client’s request. Each table is housed with it’s own power and data plug in. The doors of the power and data were in matching wood. They could have chosen metal doors for the power and data units. The production time was about 8 weeks.

Custom Table Process:

We start with a Ball Park Pricing to make sure the product quality and lead-time is a match with the project budget and projected installation date.

Preliminary shop drawings are drafted for the client to review the fit of the room. For more accurate drawings client’s architect or building management provides CAD drawings in .DWG format which illustrate to scale the shape and size of the room, window and door locations and any other building features. These drawings allow our engineers to properly plan the space efficiently without wasting time on incorrect product sizing. For large projects site inspections allow a double check on the drawn dimensions to true built dimensions of the room. Pre planning ensures a smooth installation with no surprises.

Power and Data Planning: Typically the client’s IT personnel provide a detailed list of power and data components needed in the table. Tables are powered by a regular plug in or hard wired at 20 AMPS. In the case of new construction planning of floor cores we will provide shop drawings of where the base legs land on the table so that accurate floor core placement can be made. Not all tables require a middle base and assuming a centered floor core is required can be a costly mistake. We will work with your IT personnel and designers and architects to make sure all details of your conference room and conference table are in perfect alignment.

Finish Selection:  Our team of professional designers and artists will help you with the best material fit for your table. There are many new table top finishes available from finger printless and micro grained laminates to extravagant stone tops. Choosing a color for your table in relation to the room’s floor color, wall color and lighting is very crucial to creating maximum design impact and balance. We’ll co-create with you showing you options, providing finish samples and making recommendations based on our experience.

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