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Large Grey Glass Table

Large Grey Glass Table

  • Outstanding large glass modern conference room table
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  • Grey Glass Boat Table


The Large Grey Glass Table is a stunningly beautiful modern executive table for collaboration and class A buildings. Shown in the photo is the grey satin glass back painted glass top at 14′ which seats 14. The shape of the table is Boat Shaped which allows the best sight line for everyone sitting at the table.

Table Shapes and Sizes:

The Large Grey Glass Table is offered in Boat Shaped and modern Rectangular Shaped. Smaller sized matching meeting tables in round and square. Sizes range from smaller meeting tables 72″ seating 6 up to 20′ and beyond. There are standard size widths depending on the length desired. We build the the table to the size you need to fit your conference or board room.

Glass Top Options:

The glass top you see is  7/16″ thick back painted low iron true clear. The quality of this glass offers the finest color and finish available. We offer a wide range of painted colors including silver and black! The glossy glass is standard and allows you to write on the surface with markers for free form collaborations. Upgrade to Satin Glass if you want to cut finger prints and cut glare! Stain Glass is very different looking than the glossy glass. The Satin Glass is silky smooth to the touch like no other material offered. If your table is effected by glare from windows or lighting this is the perfect top finish.  Glass tops are wrapped in polished stainless steel creating a beautiful design which is also durable. The glass is supported fully by a subtop.

Base Finish Options:

The base is made of solid steel. The starting price point is a painted steel base. We offer a range of painted base colors from white to Black and other colors in between. The base upgrade from the painted metal base is chrome metal. Chrome is at an all time high. Metal is a perfect balancing element in modern conference rooms. In Fung Shui the more elements that you including in your room the better balanced the space will be.

Top Finish Options:

Beyond Glass this Large Grey Glass Table is offered in a starting price point in durable melamine. Up from melamine is wood veneer, then leather and porcelain tile. If you want to set your table apart from generic big brand names consider choosing an unusual top, unusual top color. Let us help you design a unique look.


Remember to balance your space– your table top should not be the same color as your floor! If you want your table to stand out you’ll want a balance of color, lights vs darks, cools vs warms,  textures and elements in your room enhance your room. Mar has a MFA degree and will help you balance your room as part of the sale with Ambience Doré Inc.

Designing your Conference Table:

Remember your table will be wrapped with conference chairs. If you want to show off your base consider leaving the heads or ends of the table open. If you order a 12′ table and leave the ends open you will be able to seat 10 chairs or 5 down each side. If you want to max out the seating capacity of your 12′ table then you’ll add the 2 chairs at the ends bringing the chair count to 12 for the 12′ table.

Table Size in Relation to Your Room: 

We offer a Conference Room Planning Guide to help you quickly determine the proper fit and size of your table. Remember if you can to allow the most space around your table rather than cramming a space. Open space and balance of design will lead to the perfect ambience for power meetings and collaborative gatherings. If you need help contact Mar 818 478-1444 [email protected]. We’ll collaborate with you on the design of your conference room.

This collection is on about a 9-11 week lead-time. Delivery and installation nationwide.

Power & Data:

Power and data is offered in two standard sizes smaller and large. We offer the newest power and data accessories like Air Charging ports for phones and USB-C etc. We can pre load the power and data boxes per your IT needs. There will be blank data ports which allows your IT contractors to add new power and data jacks as needed or as technology changes. The power flows from table to floor core via a cable conduit which looks a bit like an elephant’s trunk.

The Large Grey Glass Table represents quality and integrity in design and build. When ordering a glass top table you want to have the very best support for the glass top. Not all glass tables on the market offer the stability and design as this table option.

Matching credenza and display shelving offered along with matching desks. You can outfit your entire office from executive private offices to open space and huddle rooms.

When requesting a quote on this table collection we prefer to speak with you directly in person to discuss options and get the right size quoted. Be sure to include the size you are looking and budget range!

We work with you as your pro-advocate as a design professional like a personal shopper. There is a great variety of conference tables and chairs in all price points. We concentrate on the moderate to executive high end custom tables.  We believe our selection of high quality tables far surpass the economy market. We can assist more effectively if you give us guide lines on size, budget range you are looking in. This saves you time and money by narrowing down the tables to realistic expectations. We want to partner with you on creating the most powerful statement conference room.

Contact Mar to start a quote Pacific Time: 818 478-1444, [email protected].