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Lunar Disc Table

Lunar Disc Table

  • Modern large round black and silver lunar disc table
  • Lunar Disc Table
  • Red Round Large Lunar Disc Table
  • Custom Lunar Disc Table with power and data


The Lunar Disc Table is an amazing round conference table up to 96″ wide!

You create your own look. This table is offered in hundreds of durable laminates, premium laminates, finger printless laminates, custom logo laminates and wood grain laminates. Accent with a second insert color on the base leg. Want to custom the top with a two tone look? Send us your ideas. The base is a silver aluminum leg which hides cord management if you choose to add power and data.

The Lunar Disc Table collection standard sizes are: 

54″, 60″ 72″ 84″ 96″. 60″ seats five, 72″ seats six, 96″ seats 8. The largest size is 96″. Beyond 96″ you are looking at a exponential cost jump to custom a board room size table with multiple tops which is all together a different type of table.

Standard Lead-times about 6 weeks. 

The Lunar Disc Table is offered at seated height and at a lounge height for more informal meetings using cushioned lounge seats. A great way for collaboration. Other sales offered: Square and Rectangular.

We love the Lunar Disc Table because in addition to the hundreds of laminates we offer a wide selection of 27  edge options from standard pvc which acts as a bumper guard, knife edges, bull nose edges all the way up to hard wood edges.

We’ll help you create a unique signature look with laminate and edge selections. If you want custom graphics laminate be prepared to wait 10-12 weeks.

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