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Elite Glass Table

Elite Glass Table



Elite Glass Table is more than meets the eye. This is a premium all metal conference table underneath  a back painted glass top. The mirror polished metal finish base creates optical illusions and catches light. The metal subtop and structure reflect an opulence of quality and integrity. Power and data seamlessly integrate everything IT can dream of. The Elite Glass Table is a very simple rectangular clean line table.

10 weeks approximate lead-time

The Elite Glass Table is quoted upon request and built to order by hand. How to start a quote; Pick a size, shape and material. Choose wood veneer, stone, glass-glossy or satin, solid surface or laminate. (with such a high end table it’s better to skip the laminate option! ) Add power and data.   If you need help figuring out the size table you need check out our conference room planning guide. 

Shapes to choose from include boat shaped, elliptical, racetrack, rectangular, square and round.

Power and data is offered in this table. There are several ways to deal with the wires as the minimal styled legs will not conceal the wires. We’re happy to work with on quoting the perfect table to fit your space.

Contact Mar to start a quote. 310 213-9551 [email protected].