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Black Crescendo Table

Black Crescendo Table

  • Impressive Black Crescendo Table for modern offices
  • Grand Obelisk Table
  • Stunning Crescendo Wood Table
  • Crescendo Executive Table
  • Crescendo-Small-Table
  • Smart-Cresendo-Table-Technology


The  Black Crescendo Table is a modern versatile conference table for office and home applications.

The Black Crescendo Table is offered in many shapes, sizes and finishes including glass, stone, wood and new tech laminates which hide finger prints and is silky smooth to the touch. Choose from option with two tone color and inlay accents.

Smart IT hid power and data within the table with easy access to cables in the base legs. This is a smart design. We can load it lightly or fully or your IT can insert universal jacks. Mics offer and other specialized components make this the perfect table for video conferencing and telecommuting. Handsome lines are perfect for any boardroom. Choose the Boat Shaped top for best sight line vision. The crisp clean lines of the rectangle offer stunning clean lines for rectangular modern rooms.

We are different from other furniture dealers. We’ll work with you to create a unique signature piece and coordinate matching components and chairs. You’ll work with our design team with MFA credentials which will ensures a concise design   to scale with the best color and finish options selected. We go beyond the standard to discover and build new creations. We look forward to working with you. Contact Mar at 818 478-1444. [email protected]. Want different legs- different style- we have many options not posted to our site! Call us!