How to Select a Modern Conference Chairs

Modern Conference Chairs

As you begin to choose your modern conference chairs it might surprise you to know how many details need to be considered. Whether the modern conference chairs are for a casual discussion group or a more formal situation around a conference table you’ll need to decide not only how many chairs are needed, but what type and what style of modern conference chairs you need, and the kind of material you want for the upholstered seat and back. Durability and longevity are important issues and you’ll also need to specify your budget price range.

It is most important that you buy Contract Quality modern conference chairs rated for an 8 hour day with industry standards of Ansi /Bifma Testing. If you purchase residential chairs or chairs that are not rated for public use you are at risk of claims should the chair fail with someone sitting it. Modern conference chairs rated for less than 8 hours will use lighter duty foam and materials. They will wear out faster than their advertised lifespan. Buying quality chairs is ultimately a cost-saving decision. Modern conference chairs must be a durable product that should last up to 8 years.

Modern Conference Chair Examples


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Are you buying a chair that is safe for Big and Tall Users?

Did you know most office chairs are rated for a 250 lbs person? Statistics show that the average weight of an American is now 260 lbs. The furniture manufacturers are catching up and beginning to rate modern conference chairs higher–but you really must check for each chair model. If you have end users weighing over 250 lbs and you order a standard chair you risk the chair breaking and wearing down within a short period of time. You risk a law suit if the chairs breaks with someone sitting in it. If you have special needs for a heavy duty chair 250 lbs or over talk to Mar about chair options and styles. Modern conference  chairs are built with premium foam and components tested to industry standards with guaranteed weight limits.

Styles of Modern Conference Chairs: Swivel, Swivel tilt, Four Post Leg Chairs, Sled base chairs and Cantilevered Side Chairs.

Swivel Modern Conference Chairs:

Swivel Modern Conference Chairs are typically on a five star base equipped with casters or glides. If you’re ordering casters will they be on a hard surface or carpet? Be sure to order hard surface casters if they are not on a carpet.

Choosing arms or armless chairs: Chair arms are made to support the weight of your arms. We highly recommend arms on modern conference chairs. If you leave arms off the chair the upper shoulder, neck and back will be forced to carry the weight of the arms. Arms on modern conference chairs perform an ergonomic function. Armless chairs may cause discomfort and may lead to multiple other problems for the user after prolonged sitting. Most modern conference chair styles are ordered with a fixed arm.

Will the arms hit and chip the table edge? This depends on the chair arm height. Any chair arm can hit the table’s edge if it is raised high enough. For this reason many modern conference chairs are offered with a fixed height to prevent the chair from being raised. Some modern conference chairs offer an auto-return so that the chairs are always facing the table when they are not occupied. Additionally, chairs with padded arms in either upholstery or plastic can help save the table edge.

Swivel Chair Mechanisms: There are all types of swivel/tilt mechanisms offered for office chairs. The most basic swivel modern conference chairs, are also height adjustable with no tilt mechanisms. Many manufacturers offer conference center pivot tilts (economical), or knee tilts and proprietary synchro-tilt where the back and pitch of the seat tilt in unison. Many of the modern conference chairs used for conferences are the same model as desk task chairs and executive chairs–which have more individual adjustments like seat sliders, back height adjustments, etc. When you are ordering modern conference chairs you generally don’t need the extra adjustments. We will recommend the right chair mechanism for you based on your preference.
Back Heights: Most modern conference chairs are offered in low and high-back. Some are offered with a headrest–which makes the chair an extra-high back.

Upholstery Options: Each modern conference chair will have it’s own set of standard upholstery options and most offer the additional option of ordering COM COL which means customer’s own material or customer’s own leather. The choice of upholstery will greatly affect the overall price of the chair.

Faux Leather:

Some of our most popular materials are the faux leathers which can range from an inexpensive vinyl to a very soft-to-the-touch PVC free vinyl and up to very high-end textured, metallic, patterned vinyls and re-engineered leather products. Faux leathers are easy to clean in comparison to leather. Some vinyls breath better than others. We take this into consideration and make recommendations to make sure you’re getting the very best and most comfortable seating possible in our modern conference chairs. For example, a cheap faux leather chair from Ikea or Office Depot feels like vinyl–it is plastic and hard. These chairs are not of the contract quality that our clients have come to expect from us in terms of longevity, style and comfort. A good faux leather can be a true leather replica or a durable and beautiful fashion statement in color and texture. Faux leathers also come in bleach-cleanable options which really helps when you are ordering light colors and white. Let Ambience Doré help you choose the very best faux leather for your project.

Fabric: Not all fabric weaves make good sitting surfaces. A fabric with a tight weave can actually prevent you from sinking into the cushion of the seat and back! The choice of fabrics is endless. Chairs can be upholstered in any solid color and in any pattern or multi-tone combination. The choice of fabric will depend on each individual chair.

Leather: This means that it was cut from a single hide of leather. Many grades of leather are offered and they come in all colors and patterns. Leather is the most costly upholstery option. Leather breathes–but faux leather has become popular for durability, ease of cleaning and as a way to minimize cost.

Mesh Back Modern Conference Chairs: Not all Mesh Backs are the same. Mesh is a loosely-used term which describes a stiff supportive mesh or a knit-back soft mesh which does not have the support. If you want back support we recommend the stiff mesh. If you want a soft feel to the back a knit-back mesh may be perfect.

Mesh Seats: Typically, stiff mesh seats offer the most ergonomic comfort. Upholstered seats will give a more comfortable sit with the standard cushioned feeling.

Four post leg side chairs: Non-swivel chairs are great for modern conference rooms and meeting tables. Modern conference chairs are typically offered in wood frames or metal frames. Seats and back are offered in a wide variety of materials: plastic, poly, new foam material and upholstered seats. Four post leg chairs may offer budget savings–or can be the very top of the line. Many four post modern conference chairs offer low arms that will clear the 28” h table edge.

Sled Base Modern Conference Chairs are a simple design on glides. They are most commonly offerred in a metal frame.

Cantilevered Modern Conference Chairs are extremely comfortable to sit in. They are usually made of a tubular steel and they offer a nice sitting action. They give a little and rock slightly as you sit in the chair. Cantilevered chairs are superbly engineered and built with premium materials. They are more costly to produce than other modern conference chair models.

Seating for standing height tables:

Chair styles: Drafting stools with foot rings on casters or glides, four post chairs with footrests and Sled Base chairs with footrests.

Standard Sitting Height tables are standard at 29”-30” high.
Industry standards for Modern Conference Chair Seat Height are 17.5”- 21.5”
Four Post Leg Chairs standard seat height is around 18.5”

Standing Height tables
Drafting Stools seat height adjustable standard is 23”-33”h
Counter Height fixed stools: around 25.5”h
Fixed height barstools stools: around 29.5”-30”h.

Most drafting chairs offer minimal adjustments because the tip factor prevents a full reclining seat from being offered on a high stool. There are two heights available: Counter Height and Standing Height.

Size of table and chairs:

A rough guide for figuring out how many modern conference chairs will fit around your conference table: a 10’ conference table will seat 10 chairs, a 12’ table will seat 12 chairs, and so on. This is based on a chair size of 25”wide. However, not all table designs will fit into this formula. If you have a modular table which is comprised of free-standing pull-apart tables you’ll have more table legs than with one free-standing table. The table legs will often interfere with knee space and 10’ tables may now only accommodate 8 chairs. In addition, consideration must be given to clearance and walkway space that will meet building codes.

See our conference table planning guide section.

If you find this information helpful please give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with further guidance in developing your plan.

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