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Planning the Room and Space for your Modern Conference Table

Modern Conference Table & Chairs

This room is synonymous with the creative workspace within your mind-or the minds that are working together within this room. If it is tight and cluttered you feel claustrophobic and it makes it difficult to think clearly and efficiently. You need to have a sense that there is enough clear and “empty” space around you and that it will allow you and your companions the freedom to fill it with creative thoughts which you can develop conjointly into new ideas and innovative projects. That is why the old cubicle designs didn’t work. They made people feel cornered and trapped. They stifled imagination and didn’t allow enough freedom to create. You should plan for as much “empty space” as possible in the room around your modern conference table to ensure that people don’t feel confined or limited. Imagination is like a bird in flight. Within the limits of your room size–give it plenty of space.

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Empty Space:

If the room is too busy and crowded there is a sense of discomfort and confinement. Your first impression as you enter the room is very important. It should be beautiful and comfortable and spare and functional at the same time. If you have a choice between 10 cramped chairs or 8 comfortably placed chairs take the option of 8 comfortably placed chairs. Art work on the walls should emphasis quality not quantity. Whether it is one large piece or two or three smaller pieces depends on the size of the room but it should always be spare–not cluttered. You are there to work and the art should be simple in design and easy to look at, not busy or fussy. This room represents a kind of creative “empty space. “ It is a canvas for creativity and you are spontaneously filling it as you speak and exchange ideas.

Table and Room Size Guide LIne:

There are industry guide lines and building codes to reference that are listed below for modern conference table size and room size. The chart shows space allowances for pulling out chairs and allowing walk space for everyone around the table. You can look up your room size and find the recommended table size. It is only a rough guide–not all tables and chairs will follow the exact measurements. One such consideration are the modular free-standing tables which are “ganged” together to create one large table. These tables often have more legs. These legs may interfere with kneespace clearance and will seat less than other table leg styles with free kneespace clearance.

Try this approach to building your ideal modern conference table: Concentrate on the elements: Find a top that you like. Next look for a base leg style that appeals to you. Identify it and capture a screen shot. Refine the look with edge treatment on the table surface. Identify a “color way” or materials that you really like, such as back-painted glass, wood veneer, or a white, grey or black laminate for durability. Do you want power and data in the table? Since there aren’t enough photos of every possible combination you may not immediately find a photo of your ideal modern conference table–but if you can send us your style preferences or a description of what you would like it will make the quoting process much faster and easier. All modern conference tables are built to order and quoted to order and you can determine the size by using the Modern Conference Table Room Planning Guide.

Quick Ship Ready to Go Tables: A question that we are often asked is—“what do you have that is ready-to-go?” Our response is simply that we haven’t found any good looking ready-to-go tables on the market. If they were good looking and available–we’d be selling them! We do have modern conference tables that are available in about 3-4 weeks. But all of our Manufacturers order materials as orders come in. Since Materials are expensive our tables cannot be made up ahead of time and ready-to-go. You can order any size, shape, color with and without power in just about any color , material and style. But we have to build a quote based on your needs so that you can make an informed decision. Ordering contract quality tables that are built and tested to Ansi Bifma standards ensures that you will get many years of service from your table. If you order modern conference tables not rated for corporate use you risk breakage in use, a shorter life span and a height that may not be ergonomically correct.

Conference Table Shapes:

There are many shapes to choose from. Originally, the most standard traditional modern conference table shapes were the Rectangle and the Race Track. In the last seven or eight years modern shapes have become popular and the Boat Shape offers the best sightlines– every seat can view the presenter without interference. Even more unusual modern shapes are now available–which include the elongated boat , elliptical and elipse shapes, soft rectangulars and bowed-end rectangular shapes. Many of the more contemporary designs stick to the stark, crisp lines of the rectangle. V-shaped tables are designed for video conferencing. Round and square modern conference tables are generally used for small tables up to 60” and they can look stunning in large spaces–if you have the room.


Metal:  We often get requests for a metal-top modern conference table. You should keep in mind that metal as a writing surface scratches easily. But if you want a worn look it can be very stylish, and there is always a way to build what you want. Metal generally works better as an accent or as an inlay on the work surface or as a base structure or support–or on the vertical surface of the support base. The industry is moving away from true chrome, which is still offered, but the industry is now more inclined to build frames and bases of polished steel and aluminum in place of chrome. Metal finishes are satin,brushed, or polished. Powder-coated paint finishes are offered in the full spectrum of colors.

Durable Surfaces. Laminate: Economical and strong

At last the laminate manufacturers have listened to the demand for more attractive designer laminate colors and patterns. We now have a wide collection of patterned woods, colors and abstract designs. Even custom graphics are now possible. Five years ago the only laminate color offerings were a terrible grey nebula, maple and mahogany. We’ve moved on to grey-striped wood grains and whites, greys and blacks are now the “in colors,” and dark espresso woods have been in fashion for the past few years. Laminate is a great option as a writing surface for serious meetings. You are free to pull binders across the table, spill drinks, and leave pen marks, No problem. All of these can be easily cleaned. Laminate surfaces are perfect for pull- apart tables, flip top tables and mobile teaming tables. Laminate surfaces can always be dressed up with cool edge styles in any material. To complete the modern conference table top PVC, rubber and wood edges are available in many styles: knife-edge, waterfall-edge,etc. The advantages of laminate is that it is a harder surface than wood veneer—but less expensive.

Wood veneer is offered in standard oak, cherry, ash, walnut and re-engineered wood. Wood is a relatively soft material compared to laminate, stone, glass and solid-surface products. Exotic woods are offered in a wide range of patterns from the lightest sycamore to ink ebony. There is an incredible amount of variety within all of the colors. Wood veneer can be ordered with a clear finish over the natural wood or it can be stained for color matching with existing wood pieces. Anigre has a beautiful shimmering gloss. The effect is like looking into water as the light shifts and changes. Burl wood has a unique signature graininess. Zebrano offers a great deal of light with dark stripey wood for contrast. Re-engineered wood is offered in a wide range of uniform thin to thick stripes of varying color. There are many wood veneer websites where you can explore the full range of possibilities. But not all wood veneers are good furniture candidates. Only Grade A contract quality wood veneer is used for tables. Exotic Woods can add a hefty premium to the modern conference table cost and so can the cut and pattern of the wood.

Pattern Cut Wood Veneer: beyond choosing a wood species you have a choice of patterns which are created by the way in which the wood is cut . A sunburst is great for round tables or race track table ends. Herring bone, reverse diamond, diamond and book-matched are some of the options offered. A Quarter-cut will give the veneer a more linear look.

What is your budget range and what size is it? There are modern conference tables in all price points. Stone, Corian, chrome , glass and exotic wood veneers/solid woods are the most expensive materials, you can expect to pay top dollar for quality built tables.

Solid Wood: Often more expensive than stone. Not all manufacturers work in solid wood. Each piece is hand selected and unique. If you have a hearty budget expect to pay up to four times the amount you would pay for standard wood veneer.

Glass Tops: The most requested glass is the white back-painted glass. It offers a durable writing surface. The added advantage is that you may use the work surface as a glass board and write on it with markers. Back-painted glass tables come in any color. This is a premium material using low iron true clear glass (no green tint) and it prices out quite a bit higher than standard wood veneer. There are many other versions of glass: clear, frosted, Krystal Cast and more. Not all manufacturers offer modern conference table glass tops.

Corian and solid surface tops: Corian offers the durability of stone with a much wider selection of color and patterns. Corian and other brands of solid surface tops make excellent writing surfaces for modern conference tables. Pricing is similar to Stone top pricing.

Stone Top Tables: If you have the budget for the starting price point of – on up (not including power or data) a linear foot—this is the most premium top we have available. Stone top specifications take more time to process.
The cost for freight and inside delivery and installation is about three times that of a normal modern conference table. The installation alone requires many hands to ensure that the stone is carried safely into place. Stone tops can be combined with glass, metal inlays, wood, wood inlays, multiple stone patterns etc. Lead-times vary from eight to ten weeks.

Bases with power and data: In the past the most common base style was the round and rectangular base which served the purpose of hiding the power and data box and wires. At present the best functional base styles are open modern conference table bases and there is no attempt to cluster wires in a bulky, boxy base. Instead wire Conduits (elephant trunks) conceal cables from the table to the floor. Some panel bases will accommodate wires within. Solid one-piece closed bases are often used for wood and stone traditional/transitional modern conference tables.

Bases without power/data: If you don’t need power or data in the modern conference table–any table style base of your choice should work.

Power and Data: These can be added to just about any modern conference table. They are most often ordered on the top surface. Some table designs only offer below work surface plug-in power and data connections. Power and data can be a simple as a grommet with 1 power 1 data, or a power and data box of any size up to 30” long. Power troughs are a great design option, usually with full built-in wire and cable management. When ordering larger power and data units the base style chosen is usually something that will conceal and house the wires and cables. The contemporary styles will offer the cable conduits that wrap around the wires from the table to the floor.

We have worked with architects and designers on large scale tables since 2000. We installed a 35 ‘ plus modern conference table at the Paley Media Center in New York. We have years of experience in creating original and stunning table designs. We are always ready to assist you with your design and color choices.