Mobile Tables Morph New Space Endlessly

Mobile Pull Apart Wood Tables

Independent Mobile Flex-Tables

Mobile independent flex-tables have endless possibilities. With Independent tables you can reinvent your space many times over.  It’s a table option that has been  under-appreciated but at present it’s zooming in on everyone’s radar. Independent flex-tables not only provide superb conference, board room and meeting table options but they work beautifully as inherently mobile desking options as well.

There are two levels of mobile modular tables.

  1. The board room mobile conference table : The sky’s the limit on a variety of design possibilities. We did a 35 plus foot custom boardroom table in an open oval shape for the Paley Media Center in NYC. They wanted a wood veneer table that didn’t read as a mobile pull-apart table. We worked with an architectural firm on the specs. The tables were wood veneer with wood modesty fronts, table legs on glides and tops flipped for easy stowing. Additionally, the tables were ganged together to ensure tight seams and each table had power and data. Power and data were daisy-chained under the table surface. You can see photos and the sample shops in the photo gallery. Boardrooms and high-end conference tables are offered as smaller tables in all shapes and they have the capability of creating many configurations. The beautiful advantage of ordering tables that pull apart is that you gain maximum flexibility:  you can convert your room from conference room to open space and back again. And now there are larger scale tables that will flip and roll.
  1. Modern mobile flip top tables: Traditionally  these tables were classified as training and teaming tables  that did not flip. Today design and demand have changed the table specs and they must meet the style and function requirements of modern offices. The new design modern flip top table is completely user-friendly. One person can handle it easily. It doesn’t require a second pair of hands. New shapes with a wide range of functions  are now sold in style-conscious packages.  Sizes on Mobile tables typically start at 48”, 60”, 66” and go up to 72” as a standard. Depths are standard at 24”, 30” and 36”. Legs are most commonly metal and can be ordered on glides for a more permanent look–or on casters. Most table tops flip and one person can easily move the table without additional help.
  1. Mobile tables can be used as training tables or they can be pulled together to create larger tables of all sizes.
  1. Leg placement. Most tables will either place the legs in line with the table top edge or offer an inset option. Legs placed directly at the far edge of the table will create more over all kneespace below the table surface.
  1. Leg styles: There are many metal leg styles to choose from. Most are configured for maximum leg space. There are some designs that look great-but the placement of the legs may prevent the full utilization of knee space below. Those styles are typically four-post inset leg styles.


Things to consider–The Floor:

If you are planning on ganging tables together to form one long table the floor must be level. If you are in an older building or home converted to office its’ not uncommon to run across an uneven floor. Most mobile tables do not have levelers to compensate. Some of them may have this option. But even if you have the levelers and you pull the tables apart you’ll have to put them back exactly as before–otherwise you will end up with table tops that do not line up as one level surface.

Top Worksurface Materials:

Laminate is the most durable worksurface. It is perfect for writing and  it allows you to move around quite a bit. Edges in PVC offer additional bumper guard resistance when the tables are flipped, ,stowed, or moved around.

Wood Veneer offers the standard natural beauty and fits in perfectly with existing wood veneer furniture. Wood Veener wears the same as wood veneer conference tables. The difference is that if you are reconfiguring and moving the tables around regularly you are more at risk of bumps and scratches or scrapes becoming permanently imbedded in the wood veneer. Wood veneer is a much softer surface than laminate. Modern laminates now offer a wide range of high quality wood grains. If you want  a white, black or grey table surface–the best options are laminates.

Flip Top Tables:

Table tops flip for moving and stowing. Each table model will nest and stow differently from the next table design. If you plan to store the tables be sure to check all stowing dimensions.

Power and Data:

Power and data in mobile tables can be as simple as one power/data outlet with one power cord per table.  Daisy-Chained power and data integrates fully powering a run of tables with a single power cord. A series of power and data cables with male/female connectors run under the table surface.

Modesty Panels: 
Modesty Panels can be cosmetic or combine a wire trough behind for wire and cable management.

Table Shapes: rectangular, trapezoid,  multi-angles, half rounds, curved, and  custom shapes.

Planning  your room.  Know your walkway space. Refer to the conference room planning guide.


There are so many ways to go. We have gathered all our best ideas and concepts into this single blog via images.  We hope this inspires you to envision and create your own original office space.


Mobile tables are offered in the full spectrum:  top of the line, custom, mid-price and budget collections. Quotes are provided based on the table size you need, top options such as wood vs. laminate, leg style, lead-time, power and data, etc.  Take a look. Identify your style from our mobile table image library. Let us know your project install date and budget range so that we can start a quote. Think about the table surface. Wood veneer is a premium product and is more delicate than the optional laminate tops.  We recommend casters over glides. If you like the look of glides no problem—you’ll just need two people to move the tables. If you don’t know how many tables will fit, take room measurements and email them to Mar. We’ll work with you on all aspects of planning your space.