The New Black

Black is Back and Black is the New Black. The New Black is geometric. It is rectangular. It is oval. Or it is cubic. It is a chair and a table–or It can be a credenza. The New Black is hanging on the wall. It is good with red and great with gold.  It intensifies blue and is smashing with white.

The New Black can be as linear and graceful as a hieroglyph. The New Black is like a Black Hole in space:  In the same way a Black Hole attracts and absorbs all Matter the New Black attracts and absorbs all Attention. Whether it is glossy leather, stone, textured 3-D fabric, or glass–Black is Back because Black is the New Black.

Suddenly there is a demand for black desks and black bookcases. Black furniture elements are starting to surface again from the supply side of the furniture industry. Office furniture tends to be years behind residential furniture fashion but European design is aggressively pressuring US office furniture manufactures to respond faster to fashion demands in corporate furnishing. You may not find professional photo shots of all the furniture now available in black.

Typically a desk is offered in a dozen or more colors–but you’ll only see one color finish. This means that you’ve got to mentally visualize the item in black.  An important next step is consideration of the overall ambience of the space. Check your walls and floor to see how the black furniture elements will interact with your environment.

If you are going for a stark, modern look with whites, greys and black–don’t forget that you need to balance the space with a hint of color.  This hint of color can be added with a number of accessories: art work, area rugs, etc. For good reason, red added to white and black is a traditional color combination that dates back thousands of years. Pay attention also to the hues of the colors in your space.

Make sure that you have areas that contrast light against dark. Offices without contrast create a dull, dead space. Employees and visitors may not know why they’re having a visceral sense of dread in a monochromatic grey or monotonously toned office–but minds and senses crave color to provide an ambience of balance: warm against cool, with pleasing contrasts  of light and dark. There are many ways to include black in your work place interior.  

Not everything throughout needs to be precisely matched.  Interior spaces should have a variety of  areas that are different.  If everything matches the effect is bland and uninteresting.  Think of your reception area as a separate design space. It doesn’t have to match the rest of the office desks and furniture.

Treat the conference room as a specialized, unique space. The conference room should allow for an even more creative sense of design, style and color than the other areas in the layout of your offices. We’re inspired by the new product images and the use of black on side chairs, desks , tables and storage. The images and pieces presented here should inspire you to use black (and color) in new and original ways so that you may develop a work space that is distinctive, stimulating–and out of the ordinary. Suddenly, the New Black is Black.