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Ultimate White Standing Table

Ultimate White Standing Table

  • Ultimate-White-Standing-Table
  • The Ultimate White Luxury Standing Table
  • White Premium Standing Table
  • Amazing Contemporary Luxury Wood Minimalistic Standing Table
  • Wood Standing Table 119


The Ultimate White Standing Table is a collection of factory built table using stepped connection with a thickness of 2.5″. ALL TABLES ARE SHIPPED AS ONE BUILT UNIT AND CAN NOT BE DISSASSEMBLED! Take this into consideration when considering your space. If there are tight corners, small doors, small elevators or stairs you table may not fit travel through your space to the desired room! If you need the flexibility of a table that is shipped partially assembled that allows for easy install we suggest you look to these tables:

The Ultimate White Standing Table white tables are shown in laminate or white acrylic. The difference; Standard white laminate you will see seams. Acrylic is twice the expense but you will not see any seams. Check the gallery images for the difference.

Wood veneer tables offered in standard colors or custom color quoted upon request. Standing height tables are 42″h , Counter Height tables are 36″ high and seated height tables at 30″h. Longer tables will have metal center support as shown in the photo.

The Ultimate White Standing Table size offering includes: Depths of 24″ – up to 42″ at standing height of 42″.
Standard sizes: 59″ wide, 72″ wide, 96″ wide, 119″ wide
Standard Depths: 24″ deep, 29″ deep, 36″ deep, 42″ deep

This Ultimate White Standing Table collection is on an longer lead-time of about 10-13 weeks plus shipping. No rush orders offered. Again if you are looking for a standard lead-time table on about a 6 week lead-time look to the links above.

If you are looking for impeccably finished product and can wait we’ll get your order placed ASAP. If you need help deciding which table to choose to meet your lead-time we’re passionate about tables and would love to talk with you. Power and data available.