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Executive Wood Glass Desk

  • Executive Wood Glass Desk
  • Smoke Glass Executive Desk
  • Executive Wood Premium Office Desk

Product Description

The Executive Wood Glass Desk is part of an extensive wood veneer caseload collection featuring the full spectrum of configurations, colors and mixed material options. Shown on the Executive Wood Glass Desk is a clear desk run off. A full wood veneer wall with metal shelving integrates with storage. The lower storage units offer drawer spaces. Doors and open low book shelves optional. Side tall storage with wardrobe capabilities shown. Choose and mix your materials and colors. Smoke glass is also a option in addition to find standard wood veneers and premium wood veneers. Attention to details make this a stand out collection. If you are looking for the a fine clean stark look that will is tailored to your space this collection is will surpass your visions. The Executive Wood Desk collection is quoted based on your room size and layout. A consultation is best to get all the details of the sizes and layout to start a quote. Call Mar to discuss or send us your floor layout with full details on what you want to accomplish. Quotes take about 3-4 days to turn around. Wood and finish samples provided.  In addition to glass and wood solid surface and stone tops are also offered. Lead-time for production from signed shop drawings is about 11 weeks. All detailing by hand impeccable quality and craftsmanship.  This is an executive desk line. The quality is also appropriate for home offices / residential use.