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Large Customized Boardroom Tables

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Product Description

Our Large Customized Boardroom Tables have capabilities that are amazing in scope. They are available in an incredible variety of styles and materials. They transform the space within high-end  corporate boardrooms into a form of high art installation.

Large Customized Boardroom Tables take time. It is a process that requires informed taste, a good and an experienced eye, patience and precision.

Our clients often hire designers or architects to ascertain the size, scale and overall technical aspects of the room which that will present the table. Architects and designers forward CAD drawings of the room size to scale. Concept designs are often  presented and we work towards refining, defining and discovering new design ideas in order to create a unique installation.

The quote process starts with a phone call consultation. We discuss the scope of the project. CAD drawings and/or table size is required to start a ball park quote. Quotes typically are revised several times before we can arrive at the final design. This all takes time. This process and the time required to complete it must be factored into the overall lead-time.

Finish samples are ordered and generated for review as part of the purchase order process and shop drawings must be provided for the final review and sign off.

Lead-time varies. The standard  allowed for production is a minimum of 8-9 weeks and it can sometimes be longer. Production lead-timeshare measured from the receipt of clean signed shop drawings. Transit time is added to the production time. Preplanning and quoting can go quickly–one to two weeks or take months depending on how your review process is managed. Be sure to allow adequate time for the quote process. Rush services do not apply to large custom projects.

Mar Doré has more than 17 years of experience in large table sales and design. She is a professional artist with an MFA degree. She not only understands the furniture manufacturing process but has an artist’s perspective and is always willing to explore the very newest cutting edge designs.

If you need help figuring out the size of the table appropriate for your space we have a quick reference page here Conference Room Planning Guide. We work with professional designers and architects and we work directly with businesses.

Contact Mar [email protected] 310 213-9551.

Photos shown here are from a 25′ table installation in 2017. The designer provided conceptual drawings.. We worked with  the manufacturer to come up with the final design shown on installation day.