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Flight Pattern Table

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Flight Pattern Table

  • Affordable Quick Flight Pattern Table
  • Extremely good looking affordable modern office meeting table installation
  • Flight Pattern Table
  • Flight Pattern Table
  • Flight Pattern White Table


The Flight Pattern Table is great to laminate designer table that is available incredibly quickly.

This updated table design offers a strong steel powder coated base leg which is open or closed. The steel base are topped off with highly durable contract quality laminates with a durable edge that will not frey or chip.

If you are looking for a great modern table on a fast lead-time this an amazing table option that will deliver quality and flexibility to create your own look. Three Quick Ship colors and three base leg colors make this a fast option on about week lead-time plus shipping.

We like the flexibility of Flight Patten Table in offering endless expanded new technology laminate Top Colors and Size Options on about a 4 week lead-time plus transit. That makes this table about 2-6 weeks faster than other table options on the market.

Laminate top color selections are now at an all time high in the world of design. New micro-textured wood look laminates give the appearance of wood veneer while offering the best durable writing surface. The top will look new for many years vs wood veneer which requires delicate handling to avoid perrmanent scratching and brusing. Beyond wood look laminates there are new patterns and colors that go beyond true wood tones. Greys, blacks and whites are best achieved in laminate.  The new finger printless black is silky smooth to the touch and takes laminate to the next level in technological advances. Looking for yellow, blue, green, purple and beyond — that is best achieved in the new laminate selection. Patterns including a concrete look and new graphic designs both retro and contemporary modern. We are proud to finally say we are excited by the new laminate colors! We’ve waited a long time for the new design revolution to take place in laminates. What this means is you can take a good basic table and personalize it making it a unique design to your office. We prefer selling laminate tops for serious working tables as the durability has you covered. You won’t have to worry about scratches, pen marks, water marks or beat up edges.

The Flight Pattern Table is offered with a simple power and data unit. The closed base leg conceals wires from table to the floor.

The base features a slim design and look. If you watn a center base to conceal and fully cover a floor core then we can combine mixing and matching legs with the Clarion Table which is the original table design.

Check out the gallery images to see the colors offered on quick ship.

Contact Mar at 818 478-1444 [email protected] to quickly quote the right size table to fit you room. We’ll help you discover the new laminates if you are looking to create your own look.