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Exquisite Mesh Chrome Drafting Stool

  • Exquisite Mesh Chrome Drafting Stool
  • Premium mesh drafting chair in chrome

Product Description

Exquisite Mesh Chrome Drafting Stool is offered with and without arms. Straight design features a height adjustable swivel only. The chair is impeccable and perhaps the finest build we have ever seen on the market. Chrome is becoming harder to find with many manufacturers switching to aluminum and polished steel. The frame is stunning in chrome but is also available in a white gloss paint finish. The Exquisite Mesh Chrome Drafting Stool is offered in mesh, smooth leather or channel stitched leather seats. The leather can be ordered in any color. Faux leather is also offered. The Mesh colors offered are black, white, light gray dark or dark gray.  The chair is standard with glides or casters. Casters add a tad more overall height to the chair. The casters are chrome. Every detail is well constructed of the finest quality materials and metals. We have this drafting chair on caters in our studio in a beautiful grey mesh. It’s the best looking chair and most comfortable we’ve seen on the market! If you are looking for the best quality drafting height stool this ranks number one. It does not offer full ergonomic functions like highly ergonomic chairs but the quality of the design makes it just as comfortable as often overstuffed bulky old school ergonomic chairs.  Other models offered; desk chair swivel for conferencing or with swivel tilt for managerial seating. At seated height choose from mid back or high back options.  There is a stunning side sled cantilever chair option.  quality and detailing. See product images in leather as a desk height chair. The Exquisite Mesh Chrome Drafting Stool is appropriate for executive offices, meeting tables and home office use. Chairs are built to order on about a 10 week lead-time. We’d be happy to get a quote started for you. In our opinion exceptional quality is always worth the wait.