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Contemporary White Red Standing Table

Contemporary White Red Standing Table

  • Contemporary White Red Standing Table
  • All White Installed Table
  • Modern White Red Long Standing Table
  • white contemporary modern standing table with power and data
  • White Walnut Orange Stripe Standing Table
  • Contemporary white and red standing table
  • Long Standing Table in durable laminate is the perfect modern table for office meet up lounge area workspaces
  • White Yellow Standing Table
  • White Blue Accent Standing Table with power plug in
  • Skinny Table Against Wall
  • Walnut Green Interior Standing Table


Contemporary White Red Standing Table. Shown is a 42″ high standing height white laminate table with red metal accent. The metal accent under the table is power/data trough which can be ordered just as an accent without having to order the power and data!  The metal is offered in 25 colors. Contemporary White Red Standing Table offers a Vast choice of sizes, depths and lengths. Sizes: Standard Depths offered at 24″, 30″, 36″ and 42″ deep. Lengths starting at 72″, 84″, 96″, 108″, 130″, 144″, 168″, 192″ and 216″. Seated heights table 30″ high. Standing height tables are 36″ and 42″ high.  The Contemporary White Red Standing Table features a 2″ built up edge. Edge self. Power and data available. Choose from a long trough on the table surface or smaller units mounted below the surface. Laminate is a wonderful durable surface scratch resistant and easily to clean. Many great laminate colors offered. Optional two tone accents under the table give a greater customized option to create unique designs. For longer tables the middle table leg is inset to allow for more kneespace. Tables are built to order on about a 5-6 week lead-time plus shipping. Tables are quoted and built to order. These make great tables for any where in the office.

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