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Black Executive Sit Stand Desk

Black Executive Sit Stand Desk

  • Black Executive Sit Stand Desk
  • Now New Executive Sit Stand Desk
  • Now New Sit Stand Desk
  • executive height adjustable modern wood desk


Finally an eye opening new Black Executive Sit Stand Desk. Clean lines, high end, quality delivered. Hide cored keep it simple and pristine. The Black Executive Sit Stand Desk is a wood veneer collection offering the full complementary storage, credenzas, size flexibility and run offs to personalize your office space.

Check the gallery of images to get the feel of the collection. You’ll see photos of the desk in different colors. You’ll notice we can offer the sit to stand on the side or back allowing you to keep the desk facing forward for meetings.

This is a premium desk collection built to order. Allow about 6-8 weeks for manufacturing. Modern wood veneer choices are quarter cut or engineered wood which produces the striped effects you see.

The Black Executive Sit Stand Desk fits everywhere in commercial office spaces and in executive home office spaces, lofts and new open space offices.

We’ll work with your layout, size and configuration preferences. Good executive furniture takes a bit of time to get it right. Knowing your office space or having your layout or CAD file ready to go will help facilitate a quick quote turn around. Give us a call to start your quote. We deliver nationwide.