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Orange Office

The European Design Market issues a fashion wake-up call for the color orange!

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange” Vincent Van Gogh

Orange is red brought closer to humanity by yellow” Wassily Kandinski

Orange stimulates activity and appetite. It encourages socialization and intellectual discourse. it is a vital, joyous color that projects exuberant spontaneity. If you’ve decided to add orange to the workspace an economical way is by the simple introduction of orange paint. Choose an entire accent wall or block out and add patterns and graphics. Paint is easy to change if in a few years you want a different color scheme.

You can add orange to chairs: Finding an orange seat fabric is easy for most chair types: task chairs, conference, visitor or lounge chairs. Fully upholstered seats and backs are easily accomplished. The full spectrum of orange is available in all fabrics, faux leathers and leathers. Finding orange mesh chair backs can be more challenging. Remember that if you go with orange seating you are committed to the color for the life of the chair, 5-10 years.

Adding orange to tables and desks: It is possible to add orange accents as orange edge banding on some laminate tables and desks. Adding orange to the table writing surface is best accomplished with a laminate top. Laminates are offered in a wide range of patterns and solids which are durable and easy to clean. Solid surface, Corrian and back-painted glass are premium upscale options that can offer a durable orange writing surface. Finding orange painted table bases is also possible. Typically, this will be a custom color option that may increase the overall cost and lead time.

Add Orange accent occasional tables: It’s possible to find all orange or orange surface coffee and end tables.

Add Orange to the walls: Wall hung glass boards and Mobile glass boards. Premium Back painted true clear glass gives a vibrant glow to any color orange paint including custom colors, custom graphics and custom logos. Not only do you achieve a design color enhancement–you can write on the board with sharpies, liquid chalk, paint pens and expo-markers without any stains.  Orange glass double-sided marker boards are great for creating private write-on space and you can order a separate color on the back surface. A Choice of metal frames allows you even more freedom to combine colors.

Acoustic Orange Designer panels are wall hung, free standing, ceiling mounted or they can free-float from the ceiling. This is a great option for balancing the sound in a room while simultaneously adding color and design elements.

Orange artwork: Hanging orange artwork or artwork framed in orange is a great way to go. Posters, photography and original art in any size can be changed out easily in the future should you desire a change in your color pallet.

Adding Orange to the floor: Area rugs are a great way of adding a splash of color, as are area carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have not quite caught on fully in the US. But they are very effective. If you are doing a break room add orange throughout your tile selection. We’ve seen creative examples of using patterns on carpet areas to create dramatic effects.

Adding Orange to Reception Desks:

There are great options for orange combined with white, grey, black and almost any color laminate. Although they may be on longer lead times they are well worth the wait. They are offered in glossy laminates, translucent and transparent oranges and LED light stations of all sizes and configurations.