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The Power of Designing a Modern Office

Luxury Modern office furniture and contemporary office designs express a powerful statement about your company. Whether you serve an affluent clientele, provide top-of-the-line products or offer high-end services, ultramodern office furniture is essential to represent your business as cutting-edge, effective and dedicated to success.

Your work environment grows naturally from the culture you foster. Creating a modern, open office plan encourages collaboration, transparency and creativity. Let Ambience Doré help you build an invigorating and exciting office space for your employees to spend their time in.

A well-designed executive office plan will also help streamline your business, emphasizing time management and efficient ideals. Modern workstations not only promote functionality and accessibility, but they also capture a timeless beauty through spare precision.

At Ambience Doré we can help you turn your modern office vision and into a to design reality today.

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Lucky Brand
Louse Va
Universal Studios
Four Seasons
Vista Print
Cal State

Ambience Doré

Based in Burbank, California, our expert design team works with vendors and suppliers from all over the world, in order to offer you the finest and most beautiful contemporary office products on the market. For nearing two decades, our company has been recognized as an innovative leader in the field of high-end, modern office furniture and design.

At Ambience Doré we specialize in making the process of expressing your company's individual vision and style, an easy and enjoyable experience. We will walk you through every step of the design process from initial planning, creating a design, to budgeting and installing your modern office furnishings.

When you design your workspace with the highest standard of quality through sleek, striking furniture designs you create a superior office space that’s full of energy and that births creativity. At Ambience Doré we can help you take your company to the next level. Read More