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White Marble Rectangular Table

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  • White Marble Rectangular Table
  • Marble Stone Meeting Table
  • Rectangular White Glass Table
  • Boat Stone Top
  • Stop-Top-Profile

Product Description

The White Marble Rectangular Table is perfectly in every way. Pristine clean lines with fully integrated state of the art  IT  power and data . The White Marble Rectangular Table is exquistely built.

Check out the gallery for the optional Open Metal leg style!

The features of this table is that it’s a man made stone composite on a shorter lead-time 6-8 weeks  than a traditional stone slab table 10-12 weeks. The costs are also lower than a slab of stone. In the long run you don’t have to cure the man made stone every year.

This is a smart table collection offering full choice of size, shape, materials, colors and power and data.  Bases house and run cables so no wires show. Choose your base color. Shown is a white base. White Carrera marble is shown on the top. There are more stone color options. Beyond the stone choose from glass  back painted true clear glass. An alternative glass upgrade is the stain glass. Satin glass cuts down on the glare if your table is in a room with a lot of light an windows. The satin glass also conceals finger prints. Other glass colors offered. The White Glass Boardroom Table is a boat shaped table with panel base leg. A hefty wire management trough hoses all the wires under the table.

The White Marble Rectangular Table  is offered in rectangular, boat and Video Conference Taper on about a 7-8 week lead-time.

The White Marble Rectangular Table provides one of the best writing surfaces for longevity. Stone is will last for 15 plus years easily. Stone is top of the line and is a premium material. Stone tables run about three times the cost of a normal wood veneer table. If you think about it you may have steeper up front costs but in the long run it’s more cost effect when you purchase a timeless piece. You won’t have to replace it as soon as a wood veneer table.  If you are on a tight budget and want a white table consider white matte laminate as great way to go for a durable surface. We don’t recommend glossy white laminates for a writing surface as it scratches easily.  We have all levels of power and data to add per your IT requirements. That’s it. We’ll help you with your selection of materials. We’ll get it quoted out give us a a day or two for accurate pricing. Matching credenzas offered

You may want to stick with a standard table size which run 96″ x 36″ or x 48″, 120″ x 48″, 144″ x 48″ on up to 25′. Lead-times for custom built tables range from a standard 8 week lead-time to 10-12 weeks. It all depends on the project.

Contact Mar to discuss custom options to meet your needs. 310 213-9551. Be sure we have your full contact information for serious quotes or hit the quote request button up top.