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Conference Write On Glass Board

Conference Write On Glass Board
  • Conference Write On Glass Board
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Product Description

Looking to create a spectacular conference meeting room the Conference Write On Glass Board is the perfect new solution. The Conference Write On Glass Board is a premium tempered safety glass in true clear. The glass boards are back paint in 150 standard colors or  custom colors. Add custom graphics and logos and full board graphics, photos, graphs, calendars, grids and spots and dots. The Conference Write On Glass Board is offered magnetic or non-magnetic . Wall mounted options include stainless steel stand offs for an architectural effect or fully concealed hardware. A metal frame choice is also offered but rarely ordered. The edges are flat polished which create a beautiful glass glow to the edges. These are premium glass boards that deliver clean sharp lines and color.

Sizes: Any size offered up to a standard of 4′ x 10′. Glass boards over the 10′ mark offered at a significant price upcharge. A great way to cover lots of area is to combine boards side by side.

The Conference Write On Glass Board is also offered as a mobile board in four sizes. Coming soon this summer 207 is a new truly projectable glass! This is the state of the art glass techonolgy about to hit the market!

There is a wide selection of glass board accessories offered with the boards. Great glassboard Accessories are hard to find.  Black glass boards and true dark color boards work well with paint pens which show up well on the darker colors. The Conference Write On Glass Board  are the premium choice on the market. It stands above the rest in quality and beauty.

News Flash: Look for the new projection glass boards release spring 2017!!!!

Lead-time is about 2 weeks plus shipping. We deliver and install nationwide. Contact Mar for full details. mar@ambiecnedore.coom 310 213-9551