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Modern Conference Table

Modern Conference Table
  • Modern Conference Table
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Product Description

The Modern Conference Table  is one of showcased installation at the Paley Media Center in New York City. This was a project that took a team of architects working with the end user to realize their vision. Read about the project here.The client wanted a mobile table so that it could e broken down and the room used as needed for different events. They did not want it to look like a set of mobile tables. The challenge was to make the tables fully integrated with daisy chained power and data with a modesty front to create the beautiful open elliptical shape you see. The table was 42′ in length x 15′ tapering to 36″. The Modern Conference Table shown looks like one large table but is composed of  22 individual free standing  pull apart custom tables. . The tables are one a metal base with casters. Premium wood veneer was custom color matched per the client’s request. Each table is housed with it’s own power and data plug in. The doors of the power and data were in matching wood. They could have chosen metal doors for the power and data units. The production time was about 8 weeks. The design time from start to finish was about 8 months!  Finish samples were provided and revised until perfect. The exact size of the table was tweaked several times. When planning your executive boardroom table there are many steps from start to finish. Be sure to allow for extra design time to approve all the specs and finishes. To create a stunningly beautiful table takes effort and time. It all starts with your CAD drawing in .dwg format which shows the accurate dimensions of the space you have to work with. If you are working with an architec or designer  we will have our designers and engineers quote out the appropriate size table that assures you are up to code on walk ways. Also it’s one thing to draw up plans and another thing to bring that vision to completion. There are few manufacturers that specialize in large custom built tables. We work with you on overall design concept, finish selection and can assist with room colors and coordinating matching storage and chairs.  Given the expense and time involved in large projects we prefer to talk with you in person to start the process. There are many shapes and finish options for the table surface.  You can find more examples of pull apart tables in our mobile table section. We also offer premium executive boardroom chairs to go with your table.