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Custom Display Glass Board

custom display glass board for displaying posters and art
  • custom display glass board for displaying posters and art
  • Picture Frame Clear Glass
  • Color Accessories
  • Yellow Glass Board
  • Custom Graphics Mobile Boards
  • Custom Mobile Marker Glass Board
  • Custom Photo Glass Wall

Product Description

The Custom Display Glass Board is perfect for changing out graphics, artwork and photos. Artwork mounted on foam core  slips easily behind premium true clear glass wall mounted. The painted board makes a picture frame. The border is back painted glass which offers 150 standard colors. The Custom Display Glass Board offers the ability to add custom logos and graphics. All sizes are offered including custom sizes at no extra charge. These are premium tempered starphire glass with polished edges. The stainless steel standoffs are standard at 1″ and can be cusomted sized up to 2″ to allow mounting over power outlets. These are top quality premium glass boards on the market. Yes you can buy cheaper boards but they are not the same quality. If you are looking for quality this board  will deliver!  The boards are on about 2-3 week lead-time. From the same collection see acoustic glass board combinations, full custom graphic glass boards, double sided mobile glass boards, magnetized glass boards and logo boards. The Custom Display Glass Board are used to display art, posters, maps, menus, photos or anything that you want to change out on an ongoing basis. Great for any part of the office or home application. Contact us for options and pricing.