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Hex Side Table

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Product Description

The Hex Side Table is a premium colorful side table collection in wood with a pop of color lacquered on top. The Hex Side Table is offered in walnut or oak wood veneer with lacquered tops in different colors. The Hex Side Table is a wonderful way to add a modern design pop to a lobby or waiting area. These little jewels are perfect for gathering around a lounge club chair at home, in a private office or anywhere you need to create interests and add color.  Choose from a selection of four heights to create your Hexagon cluster.

The Hex Side Table collection is on about a 8 week lead-time. Premium quality tables.

Sizes: 10″ high, 13 3/4″h, 15 3/4″h and 17 3/4″h.

Contact Mar for full information: 800 840-3488. We deliver nationwide.