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Contemporary Mobile Tables

Contemporary Mobile Tables
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Product Description

Contemporary Mobile Tables brings a crisp stark white steel design which is strong and durable. The tables are designed for one person to move.  The Contemporary Mobile Tables is shown in powder coated steel base with durable white laminate top with white edge trim.  The table desks are 30″ high offered with or without casters. Tables offered in 72″ x31″, 60″ x 31″ and 48″ x 31″. The Contemporary Mobile Tables are offered in any color laminate top,  six standard edge landings. Custom color edge banding offered. Custom base colors offered.  Lead-Time is about 4-5 week which is fairly quick. All tables are built to order. This is a fantastic table for collaborative open offices, training rooms, teaching seminars, group impromptu meetings, private offices, home offices, lofts and any place in the office where you need a “hoteling desk”. Offered with a modesty screen above the desk. Optional having drawer pedestal offered. Table desks can be added on to create longer runs of desk creating bench desking. The Contemporary Mobile Tables  are easy to move and reconfigure.