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stainless steel new table for 2015

Modern furniture collections

Ambience Doré Fash-Art Fusion: Newest top of the line design, sales & installation. Burbank CA serving SoCal & all of USA

Uber modern sit-to-stand desks, edgy interior designs, fashion forward tables, unorthodox functional art chairs and more-- items.
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(310) 213-9551
(800) 840-3400

fine leather colorful chrome designer premium conference and desk chars
New Sleek Chrome Conference / Desk Chairs link

fash art fusion naked gazebo metal arches
Fash Art Fusion: Naked Gazebo link

Ambience Doré founder Mar Doré on bNET TV
Larger business trends can often have benefits for the small business owner. Independent office furniture dealer Ambience Doré is one example... (Link)

modern black wall mounted premium glass board
Modern Clarus Glass Boards Wall Mounted & Mobile Any Color, Magnetic or Non-Magentic

chrome white hybrid sit to stand innovative new desk
Chrome Modern New Hybrid Sit to Stand Desk link

modern chrome white table and white modern chrome chair
Modern High back Lounge Chair shown in Yellow in Modern Lounge Chairs

mar dore photographer at the 2012 houston art car parade 2012 Houston Art Car Parade
Galleria Mar Doré

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