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Thinking Nest Chair

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Product Description

Thinking Nest Chair is what you’ve been craving when you need something really cool out of the ordinary that not only is eye candy but is a comfortable sit! Shown in silver the Look at the Thinking Nest Chair which is a lounge height of  29.5″h x 44.1 ” w x 32. 7″ deep Seat heigh is a low lounge height of 15.4″. new soft polyurethane foam makes this chair an indoor/ outdoor chair! Offered in 9 colors from Silver , White , Sandstone, dark sandstone, tan,  light grey, dark, grey, green , blue and black. Shown with the Thinking Nest Chair  are matching ottomans/ side seating. These little sides are also rated inside outside. The side ottomans are offered in 15 colors with orange, fuchsia, purple teal and gold yellow added. Side ottomans ameasure 26″ wide x 22″ deep x 17.3″ seat height. We just love this as a design element for modern office spaces, contemporary homes, lofts, galleries and more. Chairs are on order allow about 9 plus weeks for delivery.Contact Mar for pricing and full color options.