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Sporty Drafting Chair

  • Sporty Drafting Chair

Product Description

Take a look at this amazing Sporty Drafting Chair. It’s offered in two tone fabrics with amazing design details that is comparable to fashion sports wear and shoes! You’ve got to love the design and details found in the ergonomic tall and medium drafting stool. This is a perfect standing desk chair for a full eight hour day.

This is a mixed material chair with lots of color combinations reminds us of sports shoes. Finally a breath of fashion and fun injected into a work place chair. The Sporty Chair line is offered in a high drafting chair for standing desks and tables. Also offered in an ergonomic healthy desk chair. Shown with adjustable arms. Choose mesh color: grey, black tan, red, aqua and yellow. Frame components in dark grey, black and light grey which almost reads as white. Additionally there is a color stripe on the chair back. You choose from 7 accent colors! Wow. Seat upholstery in any standard or color fabric. We can upholstered this in leather and faux leather too! The chair features are ergonomic. The drafting chair comes with foot rest and casters. Lead time is about 8 weeks. Well worth waiting for. There is a sled cantilevered matching side chair in chrome frame. If you’ve never experience the Cantilever Chair its the most comfortable chair to sit in. As you sit in the chair it gives and moves which makes you feel like your floating. It’s a premium side chair style great for executive offices.