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Retro Mid Century Chairs

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  • Retro Mid Century Chairs
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Product Description

Retro Mid Century Chairs is a new collection for 2017. The Mid Century is in demand for office spaces. TheRetro Mid Century Chairs offer a wide variety of styles too choose from.

Quick Lead-time about 5 weeks.

Retro Mid Century Chairs are a lounge style with comfort in mind. Shown is the Retro Mid Century Swivel Chair on a metal brass painted swivel base. Seat is upholstered in grey. The Lounge Chair version is shown with  four wood legs. Lounge chairs with wood veneer typically are in the high end price point. The Retro Mid Century Chairs collection is in the moderate mid price point range for lounge seating. More fabric and materials go into making lounge style chairs so you are already looking at a high price point product. We help our clients understand pricing and different furniture types.  Chairs can be upholstered in a wide range of commercial durable 8 hour a day graded in fabrics, faux leathers and leathers. If you want to use your own COM/COL we offer that as well. The Retro Mid Century Chairs is commercial grade which means it’s rated no less than 250 lbs for an 8 hour a day which is what you want when you buy furniture that other people are going to sit in. Don’t be tempted to pick up styles on the cheap from Ikea– they are not rated the same / are not built the same. Buy commercial grade seating to  ensure you don’t have breakage by using a light weight residential chair.  The Retro Mid Century Swivel Chair is a versatile chair that can be used in the lobby, in meeting rooms / areas. Use at conference tables and as a guest chair for private offices. Also great for home offices, lofts, galleries and retail spaces. We’ll help you with colors and fabric selection. Check out the lounge chair on four wood leg version.