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New Sculptural Swivel Mod Chairs

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New Sculptural Swivel Mod Chairs



New Sculptural Swivel Mod Chairs are offered in many variations of base styles and seat styles. The New Sculptural Swivel Mod Chairs are made of a soft new foam material which is very comfortable to sit in. The unique ouster shell features almost shell like sweeping contours. The New Sculptural Swivel Mod Chairs is offered in a wide range of base styles. choose from chrome five star base on casters, chrome swivel spider base, chrome disc swivel base, metal sled base, four wooden post legs. Return swivel feature is offered which makes it great for conference rooms and private office. The chairs automatically swivel back to their position after leaving the chair. Shell in white/ blue/ white green/ white / tan. Solid colors grey white. Fully upholstery option offered. Pricing starts in a moderate price range. We love this chair for conference rooms, lounge and waiting areas, private office. This is a fantastic cross over chair for homes, artist galleries, lofts, retail. This is commercial grade rated for use in public places. Have FUN with these chairs. All good things are worth waiting for. These chairs are on about a 9 week lead-time.