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New Go To Meeting Table

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  • Go To Meeting Table
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  • New Open Space Desks 2016
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Product Description

The New Go To Meeting Table  is metal and laminate collection offering innovative concepts for collaborative open office spaces. Note worthy is the mobile  privacy panel that slips over the table to create impromptu privacy. This handsome line of tables also double as bench desking and are modular. Choose from fixed height or electric sit to stand units within the table/ desk. The New Go To Meeting Table features current colors including new black painted metal frames. We’re seeing the demand again for black coming as the next color trend after white has been dominating the new office furniture market. Just a prediction.

Tables are moderately priced on about a 6 week standard lead time.

The New Go To Meeting  Table is a modular collection meaning there are many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. The table are offered with fully integrated power and data. Matching modern credenzas offered along with very different matching storage. It’s refreshing to see a new look to functional furniture. Be sure to check out the gallery of images. Look carefully to see how the moveable parts allow for creative use of open bench desking and conference room applications.

We work with your CAD drawing and layout plan to come up with an accurate quote for bench desking. There are many sizes of work surfaces to choose from. Sit to stand work surfaces are also offered in this collection. It’s the best looking collection that works in a creative way. The possibilities are endless.  We’re excited about this new collection. It just makes perfect sense! Built to order and quoted to order. Quotes can take 3-4 days. Contact Mar to go over options and start a quote today! [email protected] 310 213-9551.