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Modern Wood Metal White Leather Bench

Product Description

The Modern Wood Metal White Leather Bench is top quality offering the finest woods combined with textiles ranging from fabric to faux leather to many grades of premium genuine leathers.

This fine metal bench collection offers 10 different variations and sizes.

The combination of wood and leather is a perfect balance. This is contract quality rated for public spaces. This is a fine bench for offices and residential applications.

The Modern Wood Metal White Leather Bench is truly a fine bench that will last many years. When it comes to benches you want top quality which means you again longevity. The metal and wood is timeless. The seat cushions can be ordered tufted or plain. The seat upholstery can be changed at any time.

We will work with you on the full color selection of the woods and find the perfect textile to make a stunning signature bench. Contact Mar [email protected] 818 478-1444.