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Mod Sculptural Chrome Swivel Chairs

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  • Mod Sculptural Chrome Swivel Chairs
  • Mid Century New Modern Chair Collection
  • Modern new grey chair wood legs
  • Mid Century Grey White Wire Chair
  • Grey White Chrome Visitors Chair
  • Grey White Rolling Mid Century Chair
  • Ultra Modern Chrome visitors Chair
  • Modern Chrome and Grey Disc Chair with all red swivel chair
  • modern green white sculptural chair detail
  • red white glossy tables mod white chairs
  • Blue White sculptural rolling new contemporary chair

Product Description

Mod Sculptural Chrome Swivel Chairs are part of an extensive line offering of modern contemporary / Mid Century Design aesthetics. Technologically advanced soft ply polyurethane material provides a soft sculptural curved seat. The Mod Sculptural Chrome Swivel Chairs are available smooth or with sculptural cutter shells. Fully upholstered option in any color fabric, faux leather or leather is offered. Bases are offered in a wide variety of swivels, swivels with return memory, disc base, caster base, four post leg base, sled base, wood leg base. The best thing about this collection is the starting price point qualifies them for the MID PRICE RANGE RATING! Yes these chairs can get pricey fully upholstered in high end fabrics. The Mid Century New Modern Chair Collection is so rich in options we are still adding photos to the galleries and updating all the information. Available in current colors on swivel base. Return swivel premium feature available. Upholstered chairs, solid color chair or white/ grey white green. More colors added shortly. Stay tuned or contact Mar for pricing and color selection. The Mid Century New Modern Chair Collection make perfect visitors chairs, conference chairs, waiting room chairs, lobby chairs, home office chairs. Use in Lofts, art galleries, retail spaces. Just use these fantastic chairs. They bring the heavy design Pop to any space. Be patient as lead-times are around 8-9 weeks.