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Grey Stone Oval Modern Table

  • Grey Stone Oval Modern Table
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  • Grey Oval Stone Table Top View
  • Oval Wood Metal Modern Table
  • Oval Glass Modern Table
  • Round Glass Table

Product Description

Grey Stone Oval Modern Table is top of the line for stone metal tables. The Grey Stone Oval Modern Table offers a wide range of amazing natural stones, solid surfaces, glass in all forms, wood veneers and laminate. The spectacular metal base sytle balances the stone top. The subtop of this premium collection is a metal sheet which add a metal edge to the table and enhances the appearance. Power and data can be added. This table is shown in an extreme elongate oval or ellpictal shape. Top shaped include rectangular, modern boat, round, square and custom.

Top quality it doesn’t get better than this. Allow about 9 weeks lead time from signed shop drawings. Finish samples provide with the order. Quotes can take a few days to turn around. These tables can’t be rushed if you expect the best quality.

Stone surfaces are among the most durable tables should last you fifteen plus years.  Glass is also a wonderfully durable option. Satin glass is great for bright rooms with lots of natural light. Satin glass helps to cut the glare and hide finger prints.

The open metal base is shown in polished steel. Choose from a powder coat paint finish or brushed steel finish.  Stone tables about three to four times the cost of non-stone tables. In addition to cost of materials the cost of labor is greater. It takes more hands on the product to move it without breaking. Freight, delivery and installation runs can run about four times the cost of a normal table. If you spread the cost of the table out over ten years it’s actuallly a cost effective purchase. Stone brings a natural balance and presence to any board room or conference room. Stone is an exceptional writing surface compared to wood veneer which is much softer and does show wear with time.   A rough guide line for considering stone is figure a minimal starting price range of about $1500-$3000 per linear foot depending on the base leg style, not including freight, installation and any power or data.  Alternative tops to consider would be white back painted glass which are more expensive than wood veneer but less than stone.  We offer many shapes, sizes and colors. Contact Mar to start the quote process. Refer to our table room size planning guide.  The matching credenza is offered and quoted upon request. Many custom capabilities offered.  Shop drawings  and samples provided with purchase order.