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Grey Angular Modern Chair

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Product Description

Grey Angular Modern Chair is part of a casual fun seating collection for working spaces. The Grey Angular Modern Chair is a comfortable upholstered chair on a wire metal base. You just have to have imagination for all the possiblities when you can put any color, any pattern any faux leather or real leather on this chair. There is a guest side/ visitors chair which is smaller in scale on four post legs. There is a pedestal swivel base option all well. Check out the outstanding matching round metal occasional tables. This is one of the first times we’ve seen a metal surface offered on a side or coffee table! The entire collection is light and fun and most of all comfortable to sit in. So often stylish chairs look great until you actually sit in them! The Grey Angular Modern Chair has brought style and comfort together new for 2016. These are premium chairs on about a 6 week lead-time. Use this chair in the lobby and reception areas, meeting and lounge areas, private offices. This is a great eye catching chair which works well in lofts and residential application. Upholstered chairs offered in any color fabric, leather or faux leather. Contact Mar for full pricing details and fabric choices.