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Great Red Two Tone Standing Table


Product Description

What makes this Great Red Two Tone Standing Table special is the choice of durable laminate High Pressure Laminate color combinations. The Great Red Two Tone Standing Table is a new product offering.  Starting depth is 30″, 36″ and 42″. Standing height at 42″h is standard .  The table is also offered at a 29″ seated height. For standing height tables use a barstool or drafting stool that is 30″ or 12″ below the table work surface.  Lengths offered standard at 60″, 66″ , 72″, 78″, 84″, 90″ and 96″. Laminate is a hard material and easy to clean. Laminate is the best way to achieve color, patterns, wood grains. Laminate will out last wood veneer which is a softer material. This table collection offers an economy version in Thermofused laminates. Upgrade to the table shown with a thicker panel. Upgrade from this red to the premium version which adds an accent stripe on the table edge. Power and data options are offered. On the economical table option the a wire management panel is added to the leg. On the standard and premium tables the wires run in the table panel leg.  Great Red Two Tone Standing Table color options include one tone, two tone and three tone laminate. Lead-times are quick around 3-4 weeks. The Great Red Two Tone Standing Table is great for collaboration rooms, open break rooms, dining rooms, against walls, free standing and anywhere you want the convince of walking up to a standing height counter. This line in budget friendly and is a great way to add a pop of color to any office space. Don’t be afraid to add color accents to your office space. The more variety in color, tones and textures the more alive your workspace will be. Light against dark and warm against cools is a quick way to make sure your space is balanced and pleasing. If you need help with color contact Mar.