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Go To Meeting Table

  • Post Covid Modern Flexible Office Solution Go To Meeting Table
  • New Go To Meeting 2017 Table
  • Re Think Sit Stand Bench Desking
  • Mod Pod Room Dividers
  • Re Think Mod Desk Space
  • Re Think Red Mobile Divider
  • Mod Pod Dividers for Rooms
  • Re Think Cool Office Desk
  • Re Think Bench Desking
  • Re Think Office Work Space

Product Description

The Go To Meeting Table is a new collection that offers a many cool design elements.

Moderately Priced on about a 6 week lead-time.

Go To Meeting Table really is a fresh new concept covering fixed and sit to stand work surfaces. The uber cool mobile partitions slide right over the work surface and can be easily moved by one person. The mobile partitions are offered in any color and help to absorb sound.

Go To Meeting Tables is used in open space offices for collaborative bench desking and meetings.  Order a free standing single desk or combine into a long table and gather round to share ideas. Power and data run seamlessly under the worksurface with on InFeed wire which can power the entire table run. Matching innovative storage units are fixed and mobile. The new black is in again ready to punch dull spaces off the map. The Go To Meeting Table really is all about minimalism.  The Go To Meeting Table is one of the best and newest design to catch our attention in years. Yes we get jaded combing through tons of collections to find the gems. Study the gallery of images as images do so much more than these words. Many elements of this collection are mobile offering endless configurations and possibilities. Power and data is easily configured in to all set ups you see. Laminate is durable and comes in any color/ any faux wood grain! So many color choices to mix. The Mobile room dividers are made to slip right over the table work surface for added quick privacy. This product is built to order on about a 6 week lead-time which is fairly standard. Quality is superb. Contact Mar to start a quote.