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Collaborative Open Space Black Office Table

  • new black community table wood base
  • white new modern contemporary open space collaborative table
  • white modern wood base open space shared table

Product Description

The Collaborative Open Space Black Office Table features a unique raw wood table base leg shown with green fabric privacy screen. This delightful innovate new table is part of the new design movement for open office space which a new term being used is Bench Desking. This bench style table desk is offered in a wide range of durable tops from solid surface to lamiante in all colors. The table is great for office meetings or as a work space for shared projects. The Table can be ordered without the middle screen allowing for work on large scale projects. As used in open spaces as bench communal space. Power and data are easily added and wire /cable management integrate into the overall design. Available in a wide variety of table top color options. This table / desk is even more gorgeous in person. When we first saw it our impression was WOW! We’ve got to start offering this to our clients. It offers that mix of raw wood with the smooth cold solid surface which screams use me, and use me in a big raw contemporary space with concrete floors and high ceilings. The wood brings warmth to the design in a funky cool understand way.

We love the white and black two tone option which isn’t commonly offered in office furniture. We are noticing a trend away from cold utilitarian office furniture to more of the design and style given to homes and residential interiors. We believe you should enjoy the work day environment and outfit your office with the furniture that will help individuals come together to work as a team. Sometimes focusing on the bottom line only leaves an empty hallow cold work interior that creatives negative reactions on a subliminal level. Pay attention to the ambiance you create and spend many hours in. Have fun and enjoy the time. See the size diagram for quick reference on sizes. Size widths are available starting at 47″, 56″ 63″ to 71″ as standard. Beyond the standard custom sizes quoted upon request. Depth dimensions on table start at 24″, 28″ 31″ and any custom size quoted upon request. Tables are built to order. Allow for 6 week lead-time.