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Blue White Reception Desk

  • Blue White Reception Desk
  • Transparent Blue Reception Desk
  • Blue White Office Lobby Reception Desk
  • Blue White Reception Inside Desk View
  • Modern Blue Transparent Reception Station
  • Translucent Green Reception Desk
  • Blue Office Furniture Reception Desk
  • White Green Office Administration Desk
  • L Shaped Administrative Office Desk

Product Description

Blue White Reception Desk showcases a transparent blue front with white laminate case. This striking desk commands attention with the blue transparent panel bending light as it flows through the desk exposing the back side to the approach side. This desk breaks all conventional rules of hiding the back side of the desk from the approach side. The transparent front modesty panel is offered in many colors. Solid modesty front colors which are more common are also available. Durable laminate makes this perfect for heavy traffic areas such as a the lobby and open space desk. Of all the areas in a corporate office space the reception station / reception desk and all interior furnishings should be visually stunning, color balanced, and exciting. This is the first impression clients see as they enter your business. The reception area should be it’s own stand out design feature and not ” matchy matchy” with everything else in the back office. Offices that are monochromatically designed with matching everything are uninspiring and boring. We crave a change and balance in the work environment just as we do outside of work. Bring the excitement and passion for decoding your office lobby and reception space. If you are hesitant on making color decisions seek a design professional or contact Mar, she has a MFA in Fine Art and can help with color choices. The reception desk shown is a stand alone desk with a side panel. Typical desk size starts at 85″ wide x 42″h x 30″d. Pedestals and matching storage offered. Any color laminate offered. Where you see white in the photos that matte laminate can be grey, black, yellow, orange, red, blue, green. Impeccably built high-end craftsmanship on a longer lead-time is well worth the wait. Lead-time of about 10 weeks is standard.